The Stables at Water Wheel Farm, LLC is located on Waterwheel Farm in the rolling hills of Sussex County, in Fredon, NJ.  The farm has been in the family for 50 years and has had a horse boarding business running for over 35 years.  Bradley, third generation farmer, is the owner/operator of the business today.  Many of the horses in our barns have called Waterwheel Farm their home for 30 years or more, an indication of the service and dedication we give to our boarders.

The majority of the farm’s almost 500 acres are pasture for the horses that are boarded here.  Hay fed to the horses is grown on Waterwheel Farm; giving the horses year round grass/hay that we know is wholesome and good for them.

The Stables at Waterwheel Farm has two barns with a total of 49 stalls.  The lower barn has 33 stalls and sits on the Paulinskill Valley Trail, 27 miles of trail right at the barn door, no need to trailer your horse to a distant location.  The upper barn has a smaller herd and is set in a valley where it is quiet but still easily accessible to the trail through the 45+ acres of pasture. The boarders at our farm can always find a fellow horse boarder to enjoy a trail ride together.