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    Horse Boarding

    Beef and Turkey Sales 

    Look through our site for information on our farm,

    horse boarding business,

    and for information on how to order beef and turkeys!




"The only meat I eat is turkey.  The only turkey I will eat from now on is from the Klemms."–Vicki, from Fredon,NJ

 "My mom served one of the Klemm turkeys when my wife and I came to visit, and I had to admit to her, after 34 years of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in the states, that I had never liked turkey until now.  It was juicy, tender, and full of flavor."–Ben, from Sweden

 "It's nice to know that the birds I'm eating were lovingly and humanely raised right around the corner."–Jack, from Fredon, NJ

 "It's (the turkey) right up there with Haagen-dazs!"–Greggie, from Fredon, NJ

Horse Boarding

Referred to as horse heaven on earth!

Farm-fresh beef – all year round!

Fresh turkey – there is nothing like it!

What’s happening around the farm!