Our Beef Is All Natural and Pastured Raised

What does this mean?

We do not use antibiotics or hormones.  Our steer are on pasture their entire life, they receive some high quality grain to enhance marbling and to guarantee a tender, favorable and quality meat.  When needed, the hay given to the steer is grown right here on our farm.

Our Animals Are Treated Humanely

What does this mean?

Our steer are in open fields with lots of room to roam (they get daily views of sunrises and sunsets while looking out over the rambling landscape of the Kittatinny mountain range).  The steer are never herded; they live in a stress free environment.  This is purposely done to guarantee a tender, favorable and quality meat.

Our Meat Is Processed Under The Highest Quality Of Conditions

What does this mean?

We get all steer as babies and they are on our farm and under our care until the day they go to the butcher.  The meat is hung for two weeks, cut, freezer wrapped and transported to and from the butcher by our staff.  We have worked with the same butcher for over 10 years and have had excellent results with his cuts and processing.  His shop will customize your beef cuts to your liking; this includes the type of cuts you want, the size of your roasts, and the thickness of your steaks. You are guaranteed that the steer you purchase has been handled with the best of care and nothing has been added to stimulate color or texture.

Side of Steer