Turkeys We Raise

Broad Breasted  Bronze Turkeys                                                                                                                 
Broad breasted Bronze turkeys are for those who love their white meat. Commercial turkeys that almost all Americans enjoy at Thanksgiving are broad breasted turkeys. They are bred to gain weight quickly and are ready for harvest in half the time of the heritage breeds.

What is the difference between the commercial broad breasted turkeys and ours?

Commercial turkeys are raised in controlled settings by the thousands and are given antibiotic and hormones to keep them healthy. They often have their beaks snipped so that they cannot harm each other; it is a scoop shape that only allows them to eat the grain they are given and not natural grass.

Our free range broad breasted turkeys are outside all the time and have plenty of grass to eat with room to roam. Therefore, there is no fear of infection or reason to use antibiotics, or need to increase their growth with hormones.  Along with feed, our turkeys eat plant matter and insects, which translates into healthier, tastier meat. (Broad breasted turkeys range in size form 22-35+ lbs.)

Heritage Turkeys
To be called a heritage turkey, the turkey has to be 1) a breed that is able to reproduce on its own, 2) have time to grow at a slow rate (28 to 30 weeks) and, 3) be able to withstand the elements for the outdoors.

Narragansett Turkeys
Our heritage turkeys are Narragansett turkeys named after Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.  It is a cross between the Eastern Wild Turkey and the domesticated turkeys brought to the colonies in the 1700’s.  Fitting all the criteria to be called a heritage turkey, this breed is known for its excellent quality meat. (Narragansett turkeys range in weight between 8-20 lbs.)

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