Purchasing a Side of Steer

How is this done?

You can purchase a side of a steer -  ¼, ½, or whole 

You pay The Stables at Waterwheel Farm, LLC for the steer based on the hanging weight of the carcass and you will pay the butcher for processing.

Availability for Purchase of ¼, ½ Or Whole Steer

At this time, steer are available in October and November; local customers must pick up their meat at Waterwheel farm on the date specifically stated on your order. 

For those who do not live locally, we can discuss options on delivery to certain parts of the country.

Approximately what you get with a 1/4 cow (this is exactly what came with one order, this will vary with each steer because of size): 

33 1-lb pkgs ground, 

4 pkgs shaved “steakums”, 

3 shortribs, 

4 beef shins, 

4 cubes,

3 shoulder roasts,

1 rib roast (6 1″-ribs),

2 London Broils,

2 bottom round roasts,

4 T-bone steaks,

4 Porterhouse steaks,

4 sirloin steaks,

1 eye round roast,

1 corned brisket.

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